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THE PROBLEM Product Diversion

Did you know that of the beauty industry's $5 billion yearly product sales, $1 billion is diverted or counterfeit? Many consumers are unaware of the dangers of product diversion and don't see a problem with purchasing their favorite professional line from a mass retail store. While these products appear to be the brands that we know and trust, many are old, have been tampered with and often contain harmful bacteria. In order to begin the process of eliminating diversion, we need to join together and be informed.




Beauty Industry Fund
An association of beauty industry members comprised of manufacturers, distributors and salon owners was created to put an end to product diversion. With an updated website and a growing list of members, the Beauty Industry

 Fund will help fight product diversion by:


Supporting and strengthening the efforts of the beauty industry.
Educating individuals about the detrimental practice of diversion.
Providing members with a detailed diversion analysis conducted by ACNielsen/Market Decisions.
Advocating for the industry by corresponding with offending parties and making them aware of the diverted products they carry in their store.


Vote with your wallets. Support non- or minimally diverted product lines. Reduce purchases of highly diverted lines.


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